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a-lovers-dance asked:

What do you fantasize about?Have you ever had a wet dream? (What was the dream about?)Have you had sex yet and what was your favorite experience?

What do you fantasize about?

Hmm, a little difficult to answer this one. I guess it depends on the day and how I’m feeling. I tend to fantasize about completely different things each day, but I tend to always go back to Incest fantasies the most

Have you ever had a wet dream? (What was the dream about?)

Far too often although none recently. The last one I had, from what I remember, the dream was pretty fucked up and made little to no sense at all, yet I remember something about sex was involved which caused me to wake up with a wet dream. Can’t remember the exact details but I do remember waking up thinking, “What the hell was I dreaming about?”

Have you had sex yet and what was your favorite experience?

Unfortunately I have not had sex yet and haven’t really found myself anywhere close to it. So, I guess my favorite experience would be dancing with a girl at the last concert I was at

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Here are some sample questions you can ask me or answer for yourself

  1. What do you fantasize about?
  2. Have you ever had a wet dream? (What was the dream about?)
  3. Have you had sex yet and what was your favorite experience?
  4. How often do you orgasm?
  5. What are you wearing right now? (Describe in detail!)
  6. What makes you horny?
  7. Have you ever been caught masturbating?
  8. What would you like to do but haven’t tried yet?
  9. Do you have any naughty secrets to share?
  10. Are you a virgin?
  11. Have you ever accidentally cum in your clothes or somewhere you shouldn’t have?
  12. What do you find attractive?
  13. What is your biggest turn on?
  14. What is the most embarrassing situation you’ve had an orgasm in?
  15. How big is my dick?
  16. Do you masturbate?
  17. Have you ever received a spanking? (Who spanked you & did you like it?)
  18. Have you ever Masturbated in public?
  19. Have you ever watched someone of the opposite sex masturbate? 
  20. Have you ever watched someone of the same sex masturbate?
  21. Would you ever watch somebody have sex with another person?
  22. Have you ever watched somebody changing?
  23. What type and color underwear have you got on?
  24.  Have you ever used a sex toy on yourself?
  25. Have you ever used a sex toy on someone else?
  26. Ever gone skinny-dipping?
  27. Celebrity you’d most like to have sex with?
  28. Has anybody ever touched you or discreetly groped you while clubbing or in a crowded place?
  29. Describe the situation when both of you felt so horny that you had to get frisky in public.
  30. Who’s the last person you undressed in your thoughts?

although this was funny at first glance it got me thinking!

You’ve been wet all day long and you’re friends are picking you up to go to the big game way too soon for you to give yourself an orgasm.

While at the game you hold up a sign and the stares from the guys revives the wetness between the legs and soon your clit is on fire, tingling between your legs and you have juices visibly running down your legs

That’s when you’ll see me motion for you to come follow me… what do you think will happen when you do?

While you’re at work I want you to check your emails several times a day because at some point I’m going to send you something so sexy that it’ll get you so hot that your hand slips down between your legs without you even realizing what you’re doing.

By the time you’ve finished reading you’ll be rubbing you’re wet pussy in the middle of work surrounded by people!

I want a sexy vampire girl to push me down in a chair and seductively  crawl up my body and climb into my lap. I want her to slide her fangs across my lips and nibble on my body from my mouth all the way down to my dick.

Scrape those fangs against my throbbing dick and flick that long tongue across my full balls before giving me a slow teasing blowjob as long as you’d like!

I want to watch my warm cum dripping from your fangs, swirling around your tongue, and covering your lips when you’ve made me cum in your mouth.

she’s always known I have a thing for her little sister and has always teased me about it but today she took it to a whole new level.

We had been watching TV together when she caught me looking out at her sister tanning, instead of getting mad she began asking me what I found ho about her and soon was rubbing my dick through my pants while telling me stories to turn me on.

Before long I was receiving a handjob with my dick pointed directly at her little sister and she turned to look right at me, That’s when my dick twitched and sprayed my cum all over the door.

You’ve been a bad girl today. You’ve been told several times to wear the school length for the skirts but every time you show up with one too short.

I’ve called you into my office and decided it’s time for some punishment!

You’ve been sitting there, waiting for me to speak but I never do, Instead I just slide a piece of paper into your hand with instructions.

While you read the paper I grab a couple things from my desk and circle around you. My dick begins growing hard when I see you move around in front of my desk and bend over very slowly. Your tiny skirt lifting up your thighs when you bend over.

With you bent over my desk I whispered into your ear saying, “grab the pair of scissors from my desk”.

Watching you bend over and reach for them I could see your little skirt revealing your panties with what looked to be a little wet spot.

When I had the scissors in my hand I gripped your hip and began to cut your skirt until it covered nothing more than the top of your ass cheeks from behind and the bottom of your pussy lips where showing in the front.

I tossed the scissors aside and sat behind you, just looking at your ass while you squirmed about against my desk. I could see your tits pressing firmly against my desk and the cool metal on it had caused your nipples to harden. You could feel my eyes all over your ass and pussy as you lay there waiting for me to do something, anything.

Without a word I stand behind you, bulge throbbing against your exposed ass and the clicking sound of my cold metal handcuffs rings inside your ears while I cuff your hands behind your back and leave you bent over with your ass in the air completely helpless to what’s coming next.

I let you lay there with your heart beating fast with anticipation. The room was completely silent besides the ticking of my clock and the sound of your heart beating. from your position you could see that the door to my office had not been shut all the way but you knew it was best not to say anything.

Eventually I took a cold metal ruler and began to slide the metal across the bare skin of your legs, tracing the outline of your fishnets from the bottoms of your legs upwards. I took my time and made such every inch of your bare skin had been touched before I lifted your skirt and swung the ruler behind my head. 

I held it there, Waiting for you to look back at me and ask for your punishment and the minute you’ve been a good girl and asked for a spanking, the ruler swung down and handed on your ass cheek while the spanked sounds echoed through my office.

I watched you squirm and struggle on the desk and slid the cold metal across your burning ass cheek while watching it turn pink.

Only 49 more to go you naughty girl!

I’ll walk up behind her and bend her over until her ass is pressing into my growing hard on. I’ll hand over a small lollipop and whisper for her to suck on it. As she’s enjoying the piece of candy I’ll slip a blindfold over her eyes and playfully push her onto the bed.

While shes enjoying the lollipop I’ll whip out my dick and eventually swap it out so that she’s giving me a nice wet blowjob.

Push me up against the wall roughly and hold my hands above my head. Tear my shirt off and look into my eyes while you lean in and gently rub your lips against mine, pretending to kiss me but pulling away each time. Push my legs apart and shove me up against the wall more before leaning in one more time to give me a long sloppy kiss.

When your hand leaves my arms to rub my bulge I’ll smile and turn you around, pushing you up against the wall this time and hold you up just enough that your tiptoes are barely touching the ground. I’ll pin your arms to the wall while my other hand slips between your legs and rubs you very lightly and slowly until you’re squirming against the wall and screaming my name as you cum.

I want you to invite a friend over and have a long sexy make-out session with my dick in between you! As you two kiss, my dick will grow hard between your lips and begin throbbing against your mouths. Soon my precum will coat your tongues while you continue to kiss.

When you begin kissing, start at the base of my dick and take your time moving up the length of my shaft. I want you two to take enough time that when your tongue begin twirling across the head of my dick I begin spraying my cum all over your lips as you two passionately kiss.

I want you to Get all dressed up before letting me watch you unwrap the sucker with your fingers. I’ll watch as you make eye contact with me and teasingly touch the tip of your tongue to the lollipop and smile.

In my mind, you’ll be sucking on my big hard dick but for now all I can do is watch your tongue swirl around the lollipop. When it’s finished You’ll disappear upstairs and leave a little note on my pillow which says, “remember the lollipop? I’m going to suck you the same way!”

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